Dancing with the lights

Hi, I'm Caroline, the photographer behind PixCel.fr! With 12 years of experience in photographing (pole-)dance and acrobatics, I seek to empower dancers by capturing their skills in the, literally, best light possible. My goal is to create beautiful and original images that showcase the athletic, artistic, and sensual sides of these disciplines.

As an aerialist myself, I understand the nuances and intricacies of pole-dance and acrobatics, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with my clients and models. With my unique perspective and expertise, I'm able to capture the perfect moments during shows and performances. I'm proud to have worked with numerous pole-dance schools and organisations, as well as some of the best pole artists, and I'm always looking forward to new collaborations.

My Services


Whether you're looking for photos of your best pole-dance moves, a special pregnancy shoot, or just want to capture your sensual self, I can create stunning images for you. My photography services are available at my studio or on location, and I'm happy to work with individuals or pole-schools to capture their unique skills and personalities.


As a specialised photographer, I understand the importance of capturing great pictures for participants and promotion at competitions, shows, pole-camps, and other special events. I can provide event photography services that are tailored to your needs, ensuring that your event is beautifully captured and documented for all to see.


Do you have a unique vision or project that requires specialized photography services? Whether you want to organize a photo-shoot event at your school, find sponsors for your event, or need original pole-pictures for a publication, I can help! I offer tailored partnership opportunities to meet your specific needs, and I'm always open to new and exciting collaborations.

What my clients say

“I had a few amazing experiences with PixCel.fr, Caroline has a truly balletend eye for capturing dance and movement in a split of a second. Her work is powerful and unique.

I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance!”

“Caroline has the talent to catch exactly the right moments during the performances (something that is not as easy as it looks).

Her own experience in the aerial art makes that she will not produce a picture with incorrect lines or placement.

Beside the high quality of the photos, she is also fun and easy to work with!”

“Caroline is a nice and professional photographer, she knows how to prepare the shooting and adapts herself to your expectations: the best gift I had for my 25th birthday!”

“I recommend 100%.

The photoshoot atmosphere was nice and relaxed. It made me feels comfortable and that resulted in amazing photos.”

“I did several photoshoots with Caroline and also purchased some pictures from a competition.

Beautiful work and always a pleasure to work together <3.

Highly recommended!!”

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