Are you looking for a skilled photographer to capture the beauty and energy of your (pole-)dance event? Look no further!

As the official photographer for your event, I'll use my extensive experience and quick reflexes to provide stunning, high-quality images of the performers. Whether it's a show, competition, or other type of event, I'll work closely with you to understand your needs and budget.

After the event, I can provide you with all the pictures directly to your mailbox or sell them through my own channels, depending on what works best for you. Let's work together to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


- Free photography (under some conditions) : I'll take pictures at your event for free (travel fees may apply), and participants can order their favourite shots from me.

- Licensed photography: Depending on the type and duration of your event, you can buy my services for a fee. You'll receive all the best images directly after the event.

- Tailored partnership: Let's work together to create a custom package that suits your needs!

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“I will always recommend Caroline from as my first choice. We have been working together on several events and the results are beyond expectation. Caroline has the talent to catch exactly the right moments during performances (something that is not easy as it looks).”

“Caroline herself also pole-dances, she knows exactly when she has to shot and also whether the move is right in the picture. Caroline is really a pro, all my best pictures are made by her !!”

“Professional & always good pictures!”

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