Hi, I'm Caroline

Pole dancer since 2012 and photographer since 2010. I combined both of my passions to create PixCel.fr. I provide a specialized high quality photography service for aerial arts like pole dancing, silks and hoop.

Up there, this is me in a pretty half-flag back in 2013 during my first pole-dance shoot with my partner, Patrick Kaas from PK-foto who learned me everything about photography.

I'm French, speak dutch & I have my own aerial photo studio in Eindhoven where I train and organise photoshoots.


As an eight years old I was already making pictures with disposable camera’s and kept this interest alive. In 2010 I joined the photo-club of my University in Eindhoven and learned about the technical details of this art. I got serious feedback which helped a lot to improve and create my own style. As I discovered pole-dancing in 2012, I got quickly hooked at this fantastic sport. I’s such an complete workout, fun and empowering. I sometimes take aerial-hoop or silk cursus. I always loved acrobatic shows but since I’m practicing the disciplines myself I have a greater admiration for the acts as you realize much better the difficulty and needed control.

In 2013 I decided to blend my passions together with the encouragements of my now husband, Patrick Kaas, the photographer of PK-Foto, specialized in glamour photography, who keeps my skills sharp. After purchasing my first stage (an X-stage) we moved to a bigger photostudio in Eindhoven, 5 meter high with a safe hangpoint, making much more possible during pole-dance photoshoots. I purchased my own an aerial hoop, aerial silk and two other stages which gives me a lot of flexibility. As of 2020 we moved to a bigger house with a high room in the attic to make it the perfect place for aerial training and photoshoots <3.

Since then I have photographed a lot of (pole-)dancers and I feel grateful to have worked with the best pole-athletes of Europe. My dream would be once to work with Cirque du Soleil artists or photograph their show… who knows what the future holds!

I am currently working on a photo exposition and have a few photo-projects to unveil yet, next to event bookings and private photoshoot. Too many ideas, too little time. I love being able to create beautiful images, make people happy with them and working with great aerial artists.

PixCel.fr is a name invented as a combination of "Pix" and "Cel". Pix comes from pictures/pixel and Cel from a nickname I often use on internet. As a french expat in the Netherlands, I chose .fr for an extension. Back then I though it was a funny insider word-joke. Now I realised how hard it is for people to spell or just say it right. I'll go toward "Photography by Caroline Demey" eventually, but now everyone know me as the photographer behind PixCel.fr :)

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