Photoshoot preparation

I'll soon add more information about the photoshoot preparation here


Way of working

Make it memorable

Before the shoot we discuss your wishes and we will prepare it for example with a mood-board. Bring pictures of your favourites moves!

After the shoot, you will receive a selection from which you choose which ones I will edit. Finally I send you the edited pictures so you can share them to the world or print them for your love ones. If you agree (and only if you do!) I may share a few of them too.

During the photoshoot we will start from the mood-board and potentially broaden further by brainstorming together, adapting the moves or adding accessoires (I have some but feel free to bring your own) or different lighting depending on your wishes. I prefer quality over quantity. We take time to discuss your needs and capabilities and I'll coach you for every move to get it perfect. I don’t only focus on a good lighting and pointed toes, but also look with you for interesting variations of the moves that fits the lighting as well. Also, I help you work your facial expression. Mostly I want the photoshoot to be a memorable and enjoyable experience from which you can cherish beautiful memories of yourself.

In "photoshoots" you can find the standard photoshoot packages I am offering. For a business photoshoot or if you have other wishes, contact me for more information at